About Us

Living, Leading, Linking Composites

Our technical expertise and focus on customer service satisfaction, together with our reliable partners allows us to be at the forefront of innovation in the composite market.


Euroresins group, part of the global group of Cathay Investments Limited, continue to be one of the leading distributors in the composite market within Europe. See our Global Offices.

Our market demands prompt, reliable, safe and efficient solutions. Euroresins remains at the forefront of composite solution providers as we continue to reliably deliver these requirements to our customers through close relationships via our experienced staff, supported by our state of the art logistic supply chain.

Euroresins group provides tangible differentials that add value to our customers in today’s challenging industry. We extend practical as well as technical and application support from our experienced local sales and technical teams, supported by our premium suppliers. This ensures that we continue to deliver premium solutions, and the latest innovations to our customers. With a portfolio of more than 4,000 products, our company is well aware of its obligations under REACH legislation in addition to focusing on sustainability and SHE.


Euroresins is part of the Cathay Group. This website is brought to you by Perkins Group Services Limited, the appointed e-commerce partner of Euroresins UK Limited.